Our mission is to protect you

We help build software with legal implications to protect copyrights, manage dispute resolutions, and build an ecosystem that protects the creator.

  • Our systems process and manage online e-commerce and social media disputes including DMCA takedown requests, replies, and TOS violations.

  • Running our business requires expertise in three areas: technical (IT), commercial (e-commerce and intellectual property), and dispute resolution. Lucky for everyone working with us, we've got professionally recognized talent in each area.

  • Through processing digital documentation of intellectual property and other rights enforcement online, we obtain content creation details and author data. As a result we also certify ownership and creation of digital master copies, authorized uploads, and copy transfers.

  • If you subscribe, our systems will gather, store and alert you to evidence of online infringement of your virtual works and content.

  • Online Dispute Resolution

    We develop software for online dispute resolution systems in support of virtual intellectual property, personality, and digital property rights enforcement and related e-commerce.

  • Hypercontract ecosystem

    Our smartcontract methodology combines self sovereign id with hyperledger technology to create a dynamic and anonymous way to transact in intellectual property protected content.

  • Software Specifications

    Our software products and intelligent systems are developed in compliance with international standards such as ISO 25000 or System and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) and in keeping with data security and privacy regulations.


Virtual Intellectual Property Organization, Inc, is a non-profit operating in the US and EU. Find out more at http://vipo-online.org


We offer all YouTube content creators, enrolled in Content ID or not, intellectual property management and enforcement support services.


During this co-operation VIPO provided the program withFair Trade Music Model embodying its hypercontract ecosystem to support Peacetones artists. Read the full story at https://peacetones.org/

Second Life

VIPO was originally created in 2007 within the Second Life virtual world to support creator intellectual property rights management in world.

Are you a content creator, programmer, e-commerce store operator, or an online service provider? Send us an email and we'll get back to you